The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete 2019 - The event of Concrete in Milan at September 19-20

08/08/2019 2325

The event is organized by ACI-Italy Chapter and DICA-Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano, and is the fifth edition of the Workshop “The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete”.

The workshop will be held on the Campus “Leonardo” of the Politecnico di Milano, Lecture Hall “Beltrami”.

The objective of the workshop is to collect and to disseminate the latest results of the research projects in progress in Italy and abroad, concerning the production, application, durability and sustainability of concrete and cementitious materials, as well as the design, building techniques and repair of concrete structures.

The workshop is open to the scientific community – at the national/international level – and to the industrial and professional milieu, in order to facilitate the debate on the many critical issues concerning structural concrete

For information, please contact ACI Italy Chapter Secretary: Eng. Maria Chiara Caruso (

The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Main Topics

  • Innovative cementitious materials
  • Corrosion and self-healing in R/C structures
  • Concrete and reinforced-concrete under extreme environmental conditions (earthquake, wind, temperature)
  • Concrete and reinforced-concrete in accidental conditions (fire, impact, blast)
  • Recycling of concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Short- and long-term behavior of R/C structures
  • Bond and connections in R/C, P/C and mixed structures
  • Strengthening and repair of concrete structures
  • Performance and life-cycle of new concrete structures
  • Assessment and monitoring of ageing concrete structures

The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Workshop Language

The working language of the Workshop will be English, which will be used for all presentations and printed materials.

The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Organizing Committee

Politecnico di Milano

  • Liberato Ferrara (chair, ACI Italy Chapter)
  • Patrick Bamonte
  • Matteo Colombo
  • Dario Coronelli
  • Estefania Cuenca
  • Giovanni Di Luzio
  • Roberto Felicetti
  • Pietro Gambarova (ACI Italy Chapter)
  • Francesco Lo Monte
  • Giovanni Muciaccia

ACI Italy Chapter

  • Mario Alberto Chiorino (Honorary President))
  • Luigi Coppola (President)
  • Roberto Realfonzo (past President)
  • Paolo Riva (past Vice-President)

The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Scientific Committee

  • Maria Antonietta Aiello (Italy)
  • Maria Cruz Alonso (Spain)
  • Carmen Andrade Perdrix (Spain)
  • Luigi Biolzi (Italy)
  • Luigi Cedolin (Italy)
  • Valeria Corinaldesi (Italy)
  • Edoardo Cosenza (Italy)
  • Marco di Prisco (Italy)
  • Rolf Eligehausen (Germany)
  • Ciro Faella (Italy)
  • Vyatcheslav Falikman (Russia)
  • Alessandro Fantilli (Italy)
  • Matteo Gastaldi (Italy)
  • Ravindra Gettu (India)
  • Ezio Giuriani (Italy)
  • Eduardus Koenders (Germany)
  • Gennaro Magliulo (Italy)
  • Enzo Martinelli (Italy)
  • Viktor Mechtcherine (Germany)
  • Marco Menegotto (Italy)
  • Barzin Mobasher (USA)
  • Harald Müller (Germany)
  • Antonio Nanni (USA)
  • Emidio Nigro (Italy)
  • Alva Peled (Israel)
  • Carlo Pellegrino (Italy)
  • Giovanni Plizzari (Italy)
  • Gianpaolo Rosati (Italy)
  • Marco Savoia (Italy)
  • Pedro Serna (Spain)
  • Luc Taerwe (Belgium)
  • Romildo Diaz Toledo Filho (Brazil)
  • Timothy Wangler (Switzerland)